The Targa Newfoundland Rally is made up of two distinct competitions; Targa and Touring Classes.
The Touring Class competitors compete at two levels. One level results in Finisher's Medallions being awarded to all teams who successfully complete the entire route. The second level is for the Touring Class Overall Winner. A Trophy is presented to the Team who completes the Touring Competition with the least number of penalties.
The Targa Class Teams compete for a number of division and category honors. The Awards for the first two levels of competition are displayed below:

Finisher's Medallion
Finisher's Medallions are presented to the Targa and Touring Rally Teams that successfully complete the entire route.

Targa Plate
Larger View
Targa Plates are presented to the Targa Class Rally Teams that successfully complete all Targa stages within an given trophy time.
For many teams their efforts focus on winning a Targa Plate. The plates are symbolic of the awards presented in the first Targa event - Italy's famed Targa Florio. Targa Newfoundland Plates are awarded to teams that run fast consistent times over the Targa Newfoundland timed stages during the entire event.
For more detailed information on the Targa Competition Classes checkout Targa or Touring on the Targa Newfoundland Website
The Finisher's Medallion and Targa Plate shown above are on permanent display along with a number of other Targa Newfoundland items in the Gander Sports Hall of Fame. The Gander Sports Hall of Fame /Archives resides in Garrett Hall, a part of the Gander Community Center.

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