Targa Car #1051 - 1925 Stutz


There is no doubt about it, Targa Car #1051, a 1925 Stutz is an eye catcher. It is one of two Weymann Bodied 695 Convertible Roadsters known to exist. The car is being readied for the day's Targa Leg.



The Stutz is given a short warm up run around the outside of the Gander Community Center. There are colorful helmets on the riders as they arrive at the start of the Gander North Stage.



The Stutz sounds and is looking fine as the car nears the 1 Km mark.

The Stutz goes out of sight around the next corner. It is the first of many.


Finally the last rally car has gone by and the police cruiser passes by signaling that the course is closed. Just before normal traffic is to resume a Targa Marshall car leads the Stutz in the reverse direction of the course. With the canvas roof erected the Stutz returns to the Gander Community Center as it's rally has ended early. The official record lists Car #1051 as a "Retirement" with "Not Running" as the reason.


The Stutz is displayed at the evening's Car Show. The next morning when the rally cars are beginning to depart on Leg 3 of the rally the Stutz remains behind. Later the car is regretfully loaded into its trailer for the long ride home.

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