The Official Targa 2005 list of retirements from the rally lists the Subaru WRX Sti #926 as "Doing TV2GO". That explains the strange looking appendages attached to the hood and roof. Many of the Targa cars have camcorders attached inside the vehicle to record cockpit video during the rally and they review the video when sitting on the couch back home. Fans of Targa recognize TV2GO as the production company that produces the half hour video program that appears on their television annually in early January. Toronto Star Columnist Jim Kenzie drove a Mini Cooper JCW in Targa 2005. He describes the plan to use the outside the car cameras to capture video.

"One new feature of this year's Targa is the presence of a camera car. John Buffum, by just about anyone's estimation the best rally car driver the United States has ever produced, was provided with a Subaru Impreza rally car - an exact duplicate of the car which won the 2004 Canadian Rally Championship (campaigned here by Nova Scotians John and Clark Paynter). Videographer Claude Gariepy would officially be Buffum's navigator, but because he would be tending to several cameras mounted in and on the car at a time, he wouldn't have a lot of time for calling out corners or cautions. So Buffum would pretty much be driving the road unaided.On each stage Buffum and Gariepy would start the usual thirty seconds behind one of the quicker cars, catch up, and try to capture a competitor's-eye view of the action, all to make the up-coming TV show more dramatic. For Harbour Mille, it was our turn."Just drive your road," said Buffum. "When we catch up to you and you feel comfortable, flick your right turn signal. We'll pass on the left, get the shots, then give you our right turn signal. Pass us at your leisure, and carry on. We don't want to get in your way; it shouldn't slow you down too much." "

Jim Kenzie remarks as the narrative continues that the complexity of the road to Harbour Mille and the rally ready competitiveness of both the MINI Cooper and the Subaru resulted in the above described pass not taking place. You can find more of Jim Kenzie's description of the rally events and happenings along with photos and videos on the Mini Cooper website

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