Repairs To Targa Car #409


05/09/12 9:12 PM - Targa Car 409, a Porsche 911 is in need of repair. On the way into Gander the car's occupants were beginning to fear that the passenger side front wheel strut was going to come loose as it was the source of alot of loud thrashing noise. On arrival a quick check revealed that the strut mount was cracked and would need replacement.



05/09/12 9:54 PM - The search for a spare mount had produced two possible replacements. We can see them in the enlarged section above. The broken mount is shown along with the round blue item and another mount. The blue item is a spare strut mount that the team had obtained from one of the Subaru Factory teams. It will need some rework to get it to fit the rectangular slot on the Porsche.



05/09/12 10:54 PM - The rework of the replacement mount is completed. The seating with the surrounding parts is checked.


05/09/12 11:02 PM - The reassembly begins but the differences in size and placement require other small adjustments to the cars front end. The work continues into the early hours of the next day.




05/09/13 7:45 PM - At the next evenings Car Show we can see the differences in the completed repair. The mount on the left shows some of the Subaru Blue while the still original mount on the right seems to sit higher. From chatting with the team it seems that the replacement worked very well but when checked at Leading Tickles during the lunch break the mounting bolts had loosened off and were found to be just finger tight. The bolts were retightened after a thread locking solution was liberally applied.



05/09/13 8:38 PM - With the strut mount problem solved it is time for a four wheel alignment to be performed. The alignment apparatus looks ominous. A string is run on either side of the car and is weighted with sockets at each end. We can see one of the sockets dangling on the string in front of the shadow of the team members leg.


05/09/13 8:39 PM - The strings, apparatus and sockets attract attention.When the team member takes a break he ends up happily explaining multiple times what he is doing. With the curious onlookers' questions answered he returns to complete the alignment.

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