Disguising an
Orange Dotted Cyclops


05/09/12 10:15 PM - Car #505 was on display at the Targa Car Show in the Gander Community Center for all to see. The only thing that makes this Porsche 911 Targa standout are its orange dots.



05/09/13 8:40 PM - Tonight the Porsche has more than just orange dots to set it apart from the others. A mishap earlier in the day resulted in a missing headlamp and a tore up front fender. First, its time for a photo and then we'll move outside to make repairs.



05/09/13 9:27 PM - With the car up on jack stands and the tire removed, the repair to the fender can begin. The normal nightly post race maintenance is completed and a decision is made that the damage is too extensive to restore a functioning headlamp.


05/09/14 8:19 AM - The next morning finds Targa Car #505 ready to go. The headlamp is missing but the fender has been restored such that it is structurally stable and not a source of wind drag. When the car is at speed I wonder if anyone would notice the repair?

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