In line for the Car Wash


Car #802 required repairs after Leg 2. The Car reportedly left the course headed for open water when it luckily brought up on a rock. Back in Gander, once the skid plate was removed, a fearing the worst inspection was completed. There were no rally ending problems as a busted suspension part replacement was obtained locally. The skid plate needed to be returned to flat and a front cross member persuaded back into place so that the radiator would fit in its holders.

The front nose of the Integra shows a few scratches but when the repairs are completed and some wax applied it was difficult to tell there had been any damage. The bent front cross member was precision adjusted back into position using a piece of 4x4 and a sledge hammer. The next day with the replacement shocks installed and repairs completed Car #802 returned to run Leg 3 of the rally.


Team Subaru's Car #110 returned to Gander on a trailer. The previous evening the engine had been replaced due to a broken piston rod. This time the transmission clutch / flywheel was giving problems. Repairs were effected and the car continued on in Leg 3.

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