A large number of volunteer officials are necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Targa competition and most importantly the safety of spectators and competitors while we host the event in Gander.

Stringing tape in the required locations along our streets is one of the responsibilities of the Sector Captains and their team of Targa Marshalls. The Targa Cars run the route once on each of the two days. The first day the cars are heading into the center of our town with the finish line at the Gander Community Center. The tape that has helped ensure the safety of participants and spectators must be taken down and retained for reuse the next day. On the second day the tape needs to be strung in a different pattern as the cars are now following the route in the opposite direction on their way out of town.

One of our Marshalls took the time over night to straighten out some of the tape and appeared the next morning with his tape neatly organized.


Arrows are erected to indicate to the drivers the direction of the upcoming turn. 

These two corners have been taped and direction of turn arrows erected. Unofficially, yellow tape marks the edge of the course and serves to remind spectators not to enter onto the course. Red tape is used to mark the car run-out zones and on the out side of corners. Spectators should not be in the areas behind the red tape as cars may leave the course and stray into the red taped zones.

One of the Sector Captains and his team of Targa Marshalls.

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